ABC7 Exclusive: Cops nab street firepower

HAWTHORNE, Calif. This all started to unravel for the suspects back on Saturday. Because of this investigation, police say they caught some of the initial suspects in the act of a burglary last weekend. That led to a few first arrests, and then Friday morning, early morning raids brought more.

Detectives were up before the crack of dawn serving not just one, but seven search warrants.

Looking for the suspects involved in a series of burglaries that have taken place in the South Bay over the last few months.

Cops say the crooks were after guns and ammo and detectives found a lot of both inside their homes in the early morning raids.

Sgt. Larry Grajeda showed the recovered weapons exclusively to Eyewitness News Friday afternoon.

Eyewitness News: "What is the most alarming of what you guys have confiscated here?"

"Obviously the AK-47. I think everybody has always heard about it and it's very known through that North Hollywood shooting. That is every policeman's nightmare," said Sgt. Grajeda.

In all, cops confiscated 23 guns and they have already confirmed that nine of them had been stolen in recent burglaries.

"They were very successful," said Sgt. Grajeda. "They cased their locations, they actually did some planning. And for them not being that old, they thought it out."

In fact, the sergeant says the suspects range in ages from 18 to 22, young adults who had a whole lot of firepower, an arsenal of ammunition and at least $15,000 in cash.

This is an ongoing investigation. Police say more arrests are likely. Police won't say whether or not the suspects were involved in gang activity.


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