Stay cool during your workout in the heat

Here's what you need to know before you head outdoors.

"Probably the best thing is don't work out between twelve and four," said fitness expert Mike Donavanik. "Those are peak times during the day, and that's when humidity and heat is going to be the worst."

Donavanik says if you are heading out for a run or workout, interval your intensity.

"I'd say for every five minutes, take a two minute walk until you start getting acclimated to the heat and until the summer starts progressing," said Donavanik.

Do wear light colored, loose fitting clothes that wick away moisture. A cap or visor is a must along with sunscreen, which should be applied 20 minutes before your run.

Along with heat and humidity, check the news for air quality. If there is high alert on smog, stick to an indoor treadmill.

Toting a water bottle is a must. You want a cup of water every 15 minutes, making sure you hydrate before and after you exercise as well. And anything longer than 90 minutes means you'll want a sports drink that helps replace lost electrolytes from extended sweating.

Hot or not, there are also things to know about safety on the street. If someone is following you, catch up to anyone nearby or run to the nearest main street or public place like a store.

And what about a charging dog?

"The last thing you want to do is keep running," said Donavanik. "You want to freeze, turn to the dog without making eye contact and yell no. So that's going to show that you're not intimidated, but you're also not a threat. You want to keep walking back and keep repeating yelling no until the dog either runs away or until you're able to find a safe spot."

One of the best tips is to carry I.C.E. Not the cold stuff but rather, the acronym for In Case of Emergency. Not only should you have your own identification, but also the name and contact information for someone to call if you get into trouble.


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