More women are taking up surfing

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. "It's easy to get intimidated, but it's so much fun to do with your friends and just go out there and be in the ocean," said Lauren Michelle Hill, who's been surfing for more than a year.

"From '01 to '05, pretty much, the amount of surfers in the water stayed static, but the women populace grew by about 33 percent," said John Levandoski, Wallin Surfboards.

"I have moms that drop their kids off at my surf camp, and then they go down and surf on their own, and come back at the end of the day and pick their kids up," said surf instructor Jason Senn.

Surfing can be a great workout for men and women. Jason compares surfing to another popular exercise among women.

"Similar to yoga. A lot of people that do yoga are taking up surfing, because I think they find the same type of spiritual feeling along with the workout they're getting," said Jason.

Jason says the paddling is the hardest part.

"The paddling is, you know, it might look easy, but it takes a lot of upper body strengthto do it," said Jason.

After a dry run at standing, and even falling, it was just about time to suit up.

Was Jane able to get up and ride the wave? Watch the video to find out.


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