Riverside County helps families come home

HOME GARDENS, Calif. "I'm real excited," said Francisco Beltran, who is moving into a home thanks to the Riverside County program. "[This is] my first house and I always wanted to have one and I think it was never going to happen."

Beltran's dream came true thanks to what is called the" Infill Program." It is a program in which Riverside County uses redevelopment money to build new homes on formerly abandoned lots. They also use funding to help low-income families make their down payments, so they can move in and fill in the neighborhood.

There are more than 10 infill projects underway in Riverside County.

The county is also going to help eligible families make down payments to buy foreclosed homes. The county says this will allow them to hand over keys to first-time homebuyers and help clean up neighborhoods blighted by foreclosures.

"The perfect opportunity for us to come in through our redevelopment agency, purchase the lots, and then the ability to work with our Housing Authority to build new homes and then provide them to lower-income families," said Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione.

However, some are wondering how long the funding for the program will last. The legislature has already talked about tapping into local redevelopment funds to balance the state budget.

"I think they should keep the programs," said Antonio Beltran, whose family just moved into their first home. "They are really helpful for the lower-class families to get new homes. And I think everyone deserves a chance to move into their new home, like everyone else ... just like us."

Families benefitting from the infill program have to agree to stay in the home for the life of the loan. For families like the Beltrans, whose lifelong dream has been granted, staying right at home shouldn't be a problem.


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