Governor to veto bills until budget set

SACRAMENTO "The public wants to see action on the budget, and they want to see it now!" said Assemblyman Rick Keene (R-Chico).

Republican lawmakers tried to get the Democrats to put their tax-raising budget proposal up for a vote. It was on the agenda as File Number 67.

"I make a motion to take up Item 67 immediately," said Assemblyman Todd Spitzer (R-Orange).

"We are proceeding ... just so everyone could follow .. numerically," said Assemblyman Alberto Torrico (D-Floor Leader).

The efforts to take up the agenda item were blocked every time.

"I think the gamesmanship, frankly, is immature. It's is not the type of decorum that I like to have on the floor," said Karen Bass (D-Assembly Speaker).

The Governor issued a threat this week saying he will veto every bill they send him until there is a budget.

"I will not sign any bills that reach my desk. That means some good bills will fail, yes," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-California) Wednesday.

Lawmakers don't seem like they are threatened. They will simply delay sending legislation on to the Governor.

The Assembly passed several bills, including prostitution crackdowns and more consumer protection, but no budget.

"We're wasting time right now on matters that don't really matter to California. We should be talking about the budget. We should be voting on a budget," said Assemblyman Anthony Adams (R-Hesperia).

When lawmakers got to File Number 67, it was time to go home for the weekend.

Democrats say they needed more time to analyze budget amendments Republicans handed in late Wednesday.

Had the Democratic budget been put up for a vote, it would have failed without Republican support.


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