'Cool Kid' works to bring her sister home

REDLANDS, Calif. "Cool Kid" Felicia Olivarez is a talented singer at Redlands East Valley High School. She put all her activities on hold when her older sister, Stephanie, was diagnosed with cancer.

Stephanie is in a rehab center now, but the family would like her to stay at home during outpatient treatment. However, that meant some serious changes.

"We just want to build a porch and get a wheelchair ramp, so she can maneuver the wheelchair and get inside the house. And, if she wants later in the evening, go outside and look up at the stars," said Felicia.

The plan would cost almost $7,000, much more than the Olivarez family can afford. So Felicia came up with a plan.

"We hadn't discussed any other ideas and stuff to raise the money. And I thought, why don't we have a car wash?" said Felicia.

Whether it's a bake sale or car wash, Felicia is doing all of this work for one person.

"What motivates me is my sister. I want her to come home. I want her to be home with me and I want to do things like we used to do ... try to make it as normal as we can for her," said Felicia.

Working to her limits, Felicia keeps moving forward.

"When you're 15, and they say that your sister has cancer, you don't feel that there is much you can do. What can I do to help? What can I do to make her happy? And I'll do that," said Felicia.


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