Keeping up on your kids' health

GLENDALE, Calif. Detecting vision problems in kids
Sometimes when a child shows a disinterest in school or their grades start to fall, many parents might suspect a learning disorder. Experts say undetected vision problems are present in 60 percent of students identified as problem learners. California doesn't require kids to get comprehensive eye exams before they start school, but many optometrists say it should.
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Optometrist Dr. Hilary Hawthorne gives parents eye care tips for kids.
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Kids need teeth checked for school
A fairly new California law might catch some parents by surprise. All kindergartners and first graders who attend a public school need to get a dental exam.
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Get tips on what you can do to help your kids develop good oral care habits.
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Is your child's backpack too heavy?
Besides saving money this school year, pediatricians say you should also be concerned with saving your child's back. Textbooks, binders, stationery supplies, extra clothes, lunch, it all adds up. It's no wonder many kids complain of neck, shoulder and back pain.
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Before you buy the kids their next backpack, see which one is best for their health.
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Study: Kids' meals too high in calories
A study just released by the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy found those kids' meals aren't really for kids.
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