Swapping foods can slim your belly

LOS ANGELES When it comes to food, it's not only how much you're eating, but what you're eating as well.

Take a look at seven satisfying belly swaps that are sure to slim your belly.

Starting with breakfast, instead of a store-bought blueberry muffin, try a whole grain English muffin with one tablespoon of blueberry fruit spread. You'll save 270 calories.

Rather than a half cup of granola, go for the same amount of oatmeal. You'll save 125 calories.

If you take two inches off a standard 10-inch flour tortilla for an 8-inch whole wheat version, you can save 80 calories and not even miss them.

Rather than a cup of yogurt with fruit on the bottom, try combining a half cup of fat-free vanilla yogurt with the same amount of strawberries, and save 105 calories.

Need a salty crunch? Swap a standard 1-ounce serving of potato chips for two cups of air-popped popcorn. You'll save 95 calories, and you'll get more food.

If you're dipping veggies in ranch dressing, trade a quarter cup of it with hummus. You'll save 190 calories. When your sweet tooth kicks in, grab a Luna bar instead of a Snickers. You'll save 85 calories.

If by chance all of these swaps were included in your day, you'll have saved 950 calories.


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