Leaders won't give up on sales tax hike

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. They are pushing the legislature to pass a bill on Monday to put the issue on the November ballot.

For proponents, the biggest hurdle is just getting the measure on the ballot.

The proposal would raise the L.A. County sales tax to 8.75 percent from 8.25 percent, making it one of the priciest tax hikes in the state.

Proponents say the county needs the tax hike. They say L.A. has multiple transportation projects that it needs to get done, and the extra money would go toward that.

However, opponents question where the transit projects will go and who the project will benefit.

Some people say regardless of where the transit lines are, all of L.A. County will benefit if the projects help clean up congestion. However, some say pinching their wallets is not the best move with today's struggling economy.

"They need to use the money that they already have to improve what they want to increase," said commuter Elton Jones.

The Board of Supervisors already deadlocked on putting the measure on a consolidated ballot.

If the measure gets to the ballot and it is passed, it will be about a $25 increase per county resident.


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