Best pet-friendly destinations in SoCal

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. "People have gotten so much more not only allowing dogs, but they welcome dogs and they promote their pet-friendliness" said Len Cain, author of "Dog Travel Guide." "That's something you didn't see a whole lot of 10 years ago."

The Wyndham Orange County not only offers a Paws and Claws Breakfast Buffet, but it also gives back.

"A certain amount of money from each room goes to Greyhound Pets of America, which helps to adopt pets, greyhounds out from the tracks or wherever they were from," said Cain.

The dog travel guide's criteria are simple.

"We look for places you can take your dog everywhere that you might want to travel as a person," said Cain. "In other words, if there's a place that's worth going as a person, we want to find places that you can also take your dog as well."

The Island Hotel in Newport Beach pulls out the stops for pets less than 25 pounds.

This month's Orange Coast Magazine includes a comprehensive pet guide, where Rose Medlock writes about important tips when it comes to traveling with your pet. Starting with a clean pet.

"Always make sure that your dog is groomed," said Medlock. "Nobody wants to travel with a smelly pet."

Just because a place is pet-friendly, doesn't always mean it's "pet prepared," so you'll want to take a few essentials with you on the road.

"We have pre-packaged treats. We've got food. We've got wipes to keep your dog fresh and clean and smelling good," said Medlock. "We have a collapsible water bowl, which is always essential, and a great leash as well."

And, one last reminder.

"Tags are always extremely important," said Medlock. "You don't ever want to think about possibly losing your pet, but if you do, it's what's going to save you."


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