Police help kids 'jump' out of trouble

PASADENA, Calif. Pasadena Police invited several world-class jump-ropers to town Tuesday to teach a group of kids the sport of jump-roping.

"A lot of the reason why we have our gang problem is because young people don't really have a lot to do," said Pasadena Police Cpl. Glenn Thompson. "We give them something to do, and we never want to go out there and have to contact a parent and say, 'We want you to come identify your child.' That's why we're here."

Thompson said he started the "Power Program" a decade ago, and kids have been introduced to different sports and more. Now, they are learning to jump to success.

Kids watched a documentary Tuesday on the growing sport that world-class jump-ropers hope will one day be in the Olympics.

"Most people don't think it's a sport, but once you see it you'll definitely agree that it's a sport," said Calli Wold, a world-class jumper.

"To us it's a very manly sport because of a lot of the tricks we do. Of course you see girls doing it also, but guys are very incorporated in it. We have a good time doing it," said Nick Woodard, a world-class jumper.

Helen Hood Scheer directed the documentary titled, "Jump."

"I just happened to fall in love with the subject matter of my project," Scheer said. "Jump rope is a fantastic sport."

Maria Meza sent all six of her children out to learn jump-roping.

"I want to get them out of the house and away from watching TV and video games and get them into something that will allow them to be active and give them self-confidence," Meza said. "I just think it's great."


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