Leftovers to be turned into compost

LOS ANGELES As part of a $13 million dollar experimental program, the city next month will distribute small two gallon kitchen pails to nearly 5,000 households in South L.A. Lincoln Heights and Harbor Gateway.

The pilot program to recycle leftovers was passed Tuesday. Single family households and small apartment buildings will each get a two-gallon pail.

Residents will be asked to dump their table scraps, including coffee grounds, eggshells and other leftovers, into the containers, and on trash day, residents would take them curbside on trash day. The scraps should be added to the city-issued green curbside bin.

Officials say just like lawn clippings, food waste can be turned into compost. They hope to see enough participation so that they can extend the program city-wide.

The city said the program could divert as much as 600 tons of waste from local landfills.


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