CHP cracks down on motorcyclists on Hwy 2

ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST, Calif. The Angeles Crest Highway in the mountains above La Canada is a twisting Nirvana for a growing number of Southland motorcycle riders using the highway as a speedway.

"A lot of people like to treat that highway as their own race track, which it's not. It's a public road. You don't know what's around the corner ahead of you, you don't know if there's dirt or a car stopped in the road," said motorcycle riding expert Tom Larson.

The problem has made Highway 2 number one in deadly L.A. County motorcycle crashes.

"The drivers aren't looking through the curves, they're coming in a little too hot, and not making it through the curve," said CHP Officer Heather Hoglund.

Last year nearly 70 percent of all deadly motorcycle accidents on L.A. County highways happened along Angeles Crest. Which is why the CHP is clamping down.

"We're sending out additional units," said Officer Hoglund. "We want to have a presence up there, people seeing us, and reminding them to slow down. And we will be ticketing for things that are unsafe, whether it be speed or unsafe lane changes."

The special enforcement program is aimed at motorcycle safety.

Tom Larson said many of the problems on the winding mountain roads today stem from inexperience.

"People go up there riding with their buddies, a new rider goes riding with an experienced guy, tries to keep up with him, and because he's got too much pride, rides right off the road because he gets scared because he go around the corner as fast," said Larson.

The CHP has one simple message: If you want to go fast, go to the track.


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