Eat like a king for under $10

LOS ANGELES "We have family meals that serve anywhere from four people to six to eight people, we also have individual meals. The family meals typically come with salad, bread sticks, and then your choice of meats from the grill, and averaging anywhere from $5 to $8 a person," said restaurant owner, Mary Harrigan.

In L.A. and Orange County, the StoneFire Grill chain serves fast casual dining. Which means eliminating the wait staff -- a great money saver.
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Order at the counter then dine in a traditional setting. Owner Mary Harrigan says this concept helps now more than ever.

"We see our sales, certainly not growing at the rate they've grown in the past, but continue to grow where the restaurant industry as a whole is really in trouble," said Harrigan.

Then there's restaurants like Rattler's in Santa Clarita that offer low prices for some items while featuring premium products like BBQ to boost the bottom line.
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"We have our famous tri-tip, we have chicken, our ribs we're really known for," said Travis Hastings.

But for $6.99 a person, there's an all you can eat, make your own sandwich and salad bar available day and night.

The 60-year-old Mug, in San Bernardino is known for its massive spaghetti plate served with salad and rolls for $8.10 a person. Portions are so large doggy bags are customary.

While in Canoga Park, Japanese restaurant Oishi offers a meal that includes soup, salad, a California roll and a six- piece sushi combo for a nickel shy of $9.00.
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To keep your meal under $10.00, you might want to focus on what you're drinking. Many restaurants will charge you $1.75 to nearly $2.00 for a soft drink. So to save cash and calories you might want to be saying, "I'll stick to tap water thanks."

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