'Goldilocks Bandit' strikes Arcadia banks

ARCADIA, Calif. The man has already robbed two banks, and police fear he could strike again.

The so-called Goldilocks Bandit has a distinctive blond hairdo that according to witnesses is a wig. He also has carried a semi-automatic handgun under his shirt in at least one surveillance video. A weapon, Arcadia investigators say, the bandit has threatened to use.

"He explained to the teller he would hurt her if she didn't give him the money," said Lieutenant Paul Foley, Arcadia Police Department.

Detectives say the Goldilocks Bandit may have a pattern. Two of his robberies occurred on Friday mornings between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

"Maybe he's a working person who is off on Fridays. Or he chooses to rob a bank on a Friday thinking there may be more money that he could obtain," said Lt. Foley.

An advisory has been issued to every financial institution in Arcadia, where there is an unusually high number of such businesses. There are 42 banks in the area.

Some area institutions have security guards. The banks that were hit did not have security present.

Investigators say the Goldilocks Bandit may be very low-key. Something customer John Phillips experienced when behind a different robber at a Glendora bank.

"He didn't say anything ... Didn't notice anything unusual. I figured, he's got a backpack ... he just looked like he was a normal guy. And then next thing you know, wow, he robbed the bank in front of me," said Phillips.

Contrary to his name, Goldilocks has brown hair. He is said to be about 30 to 40 years old, 6 feet tall, with a medium build. He got away in a red 4-door SUV, possibly a Jeep.

Police believe he will strike again even though they are making this alert public.

"Based on his pattern, we would rather take that risk of getting information out there, and possibly getting him identified or captured, rather than tip him off to anything ... and have him move to another area," said Lt. Foley.

If you have any information regarding the Goldilocks Bandit, you should call the Arcadia Police Department at (626) 574-5165.

If you see someone who matches the bandit's description, authorities say do not approach him. They say you should ask a bank employee for help, or call 911.


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