'Cool Kid' keeps community clean

SOUTH GATE, Calif. "I think it has a negative impact on young children," says Ulises. "If I paint over that graffiti, hopefully I can eliminate that negative influence on young children."

Ulises knows that some people could get a negative image of his neighborhood. He wants people to know there is more good than bad.

"I want to show that us Latinos, we are more than just gangsters ... and we could go to college and have a successful life," says Ulises.

Ulises also looks beyond his area to other parts of Southern California.

"I clean the beaches. I want to restore the natural environment and graffiti ... I don't want our community to look ugly and also have a negative influence on young children," says Ulises.

In addition to cleaning up, Ulises has aspirations to build up his world. With the MESA Club at his school, he has learned to design many things. Along the way, he has formed a career plan.

"Bridges, mousetrap cars, math competitions ... I really want to be a civil engineer and go to USC," says Ulises.

Ulises is keeping his neighborhood looking good and seeking ways to improve the world beyond. He is our "Cool Kid."


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