Site offers online community for bakers

A professional comedian, a TV editor -- two independent women with a common passion: food. They're meeting for the first time. But they've been chatting for months on BakeSpace, the MySpace for bakers.

"You may come for the food, but you're definitely going to stay for the conversation," said Babette Pepaj, founder. "Once you see the people who are passionate about food and see recipes and see stories behind the recipes you're hooked."

Members swap recipes, customize online kitchens, create blogs and chat through instant messaging.

"It feels like friends and families sharing recipes. As opposed to kind of cold and chef-like," said Jessie Marion, BakeSpace member.

That's the idea. It was Jessie's leftover turnovers that lured Jackie to her online kitchen.

"So we started chatting and it's weird because she literally lives like two miles from me," said BakeSpace member Jackie Kashian.

Close enough for a "cook-over." Jackie brings chicken, Jessie supplies leftovers.

Together they create something that might be used after a holiday meal.

With ingredients like poultry, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, they create Thanksgiving in a pocket.

BakeSpace has members from 174 countries. Registration is easy and the site is free. Not a bad deal: New foods, new friends and for these gals, a neighbor neither knew they had.


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