Make your meal 50 percent better for you

So if there are foods you love that are considered junk by experts, why not go half and half with something better so you can enjoy your favorites while still eating well.

Something we learned to enjoy as kids, sweetened cereals. But a candy coated breakfast might just start your day with loads of sweets and little else. So how about mixing Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs or Fruity Pebbles with a high fiber cereal like Kashi Go Lean to get your fiber along with that sweet touch you're craving.

Mayo lovers often shy away from the fat free stuff. It's just not tasty enough. But blend half your full fatted mayo with a serving of Dijon mustard, you can keep the creamy consistency along with tangy bonus. and cut 43 calories and six grams of fat off your sandwich.

Greek yogurt has become a staple in diet circles as it's high in protein low in carbohydrates. Mix half with your favorite fruit flavored yogurt and you'll whack a third of the sugar and about 30 calories while nearly doubling the protein quotient.

Many love pasta with pesto but the fat calories in this sauce is over the top at 300 calories and 25 grams of fat per serving. Why not mix half pesto with half tomato sauce on whole grain pasta. The tomato garlic sauce is only 70 calories and four grams of fat, so a 50 - 50 split provides a 185 calories instead. Keeping the same pesto taste with only 14 fat grams, that's a nice savings while maintaining quality to the dish.


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