Michelle Obama makes primetime speech

DENVER Michelle Obama, 44, is a mother of two, Harvard Law School Graduate, and may be the America's first African-American First Lady.

On Monday, Michelle spent part of the day on stage at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, getting ready for her speech. Michelle says her first priority is her family and making sure her children's lives remain as normal as possible.

Michelle spoke about traveling the country in support of her husband.

In an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America," Michelle said she serves as her husband's eyes and ears regarding the struggles of military families.

"I want to remind him that when we send our troops to war, the families go with them. And that we have to keep the funding in line to make sure that we're making sure that these families are whole and healthy," said Michelle.

"My wife ... is smarter than me, tougher than me, definitely better-looking than me," said Senator Barack Obama at a speech along the campaign trail.

Michelle Obama has been described as gracious, engaging and strong. Her challenge in Monday night's primetime speech was to share a different side of her husband with voters. She said she hoped to humanize him.

There has been tough criticism against both of the Obamas for being "unpatriotic." Michelle is expected to counter that image in her speech by painting a picture of family values and Americana.

A few months ago, Michelle Obama was a co-host on "The View."

"People will see through it. The more they get to know me, they get to know our family, that it will become clear who I am and what I care about," said Michelle while on "The View."

The idea of Michelle's speech is to reach out to middle- and working-class voters in the larger television audience; specifically those who are having problems going to the Democratic side. Michelle wants to convince them that she and her husband are just like every other American.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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