Woman assaulted in Van Nuys home

VAN NUYS, Calf. Police say at around 7:00 p.m. Saturday, the suspect may have noticed a man leaving without locking the front door behind him. The attacker then entered and startled the victim from her nap.

"He was caressing her body. About that time, when she was awakened, there was a noise in the house, and that startled the suspect and he fled from the scene," said Captain James Miller, Los Angeles Police Department.

On the 14000 block of Valerio Street, neighbors are jolted.

"Of course I worry. I have two daughters too," said Mike Unanyan, neighbor of the victim. "One is 21 ... second one, 13. Of course I have to worry."

Police say the suspect is a black male, 5' 10" to 6'1", and 200 pounds. Police say he was wearing odd clothing for a warm night. He was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt with the number 13, in black.

"What concerns me is that when we have a suspect who enters a house like this, who appears to be doing this for sexual gratification, each encounter becomes more and more intrusive ... and potentially more violent," said Captain Miller.

Neighbors say they have always felt safe in their Van Nuys neighborhood.

If you have any information regarding the suspect, you should call police at (818) 374-1951.


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