Hollywood memorabilia on the auction block

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Collectors Book Store in Hollywood has been the hot spot for movie buffs for years. The store has snapshots of actors and actresses, movie posters and lots more spanning nearly a century.

If you're a fan of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe or Sydney Poitier and others -- it's all here, but you don't have to come here to get. All of it, numbering in the millions, is being auctioned off.

"We have been open for business for a long time, so I'm not sure exactly what's left at this point, but we have all the classics," said Craig Gilbert, Collectors Book Store.

The owners of Collectors Book Store simply say it's time for them to sell everything off and move on with the next phase of their lives.

The big auction begins December 10. Bidding is just a computer screen and a click of the mouse away at ProfilesInHistory.com.

"So what you do is you could either go on to ProfilesInHistory.com, but you could bid live through eBay Live Auctions," said Marc Kruskol, Profiles In History. "If you're having a latte in Los Angeles or if you're having tea in London, you're on equal footing and your bidding on exactly the same item at the same time."

Profiles In History officials say this will be the biggest auction they've had in more than two decades. In the past, they say, bidders have shelled out thousands for pieces of Hollywood history, and they expect more of the same this time.

"The past auction, we had something from 'Star Wars' that sold for over $400,000," said Kruskol. "People love that. 'The Ten Commandments' tablets sold for $70,000."

This is the actual officer's uniform worn by Paul Newman in the 1968 comedy "The Secret War of Harry Frigg." It's up for auction, along with everything else.

"The cost is all over the map," said Craig Gilbert. "From maybe $5, $10 -- depending on how the lots are broken up -- to hopefully thousands. We'll see."

The auction begins December 10 and runs for five days.


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