'Cool Kid' Inez AbuMalhi helps elderly

CULVER CITY, Calif. Inez brings helpful games and a positive attitude every day she visits Nazareth House. However, she also gets great things from those she helps.

"I love their wisdom being passed on. Because the stories they tell me, the games we play and everything ... I always remember it," says Inez.

In addition to enriching their minds and bodies with exercises, Inez wants to touch their hearts.

"Make friends, cherish each other's moments. I also want to hopefully make them happy and me coming there will make them happy, make a difference," says Inez.

Inez has made quite an impression on those who run the facility. However, that is nothing compared to how she affects the people she helps.

"She's just a joy with all of our patients. If she's not here, they want to know when she is coming back, and we'll have to let them know that in a few more days, she'll be here," says Linda Engler, Nazareth House.

Inez has spent the past three years with the seniors of Nazareth House, and now she is thinking of the years ahead of her.

"Ever since I volunteered at Nazareth House, another career choice opened up for me: Geriatrics. I'm hoping maybe I could be a doctor of geriatrics," says Inez.

Bringing a caring heart and a loving smile to enhance the golden years, Inez AbuMalhi is our "Cool Kid."


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