'Mamma Mia' actress praises the film

Actress Amanda Seyfried, 23, has been acting since her teens. But after a few months in Greece, with cast that includes no less than Meryl Streep, "Mamma Mia" has not only changed her life, it's become a worldwide box office sensation.

Click here for a complete list of "Mamma Mia" sing-a-long theaters.

"I didn't have any expectations. I wasn't worried, but now it's ridiculous. It has gotten to a point where I'm shocked and happy about it, said Seyfried.

Seyfried knows this could be her time. So she's trying to hang on and ride it for all it's worth.

"I'm having the time of my life. I did while making it and still having the time of my life," said Seyfried.

Seyfried hopes fans of the movie will have the times of their lives, as well, singing along with the cast in a new version of the hit summer film.

"It's just another way to celebrate. It's for the people, the loyal fans, be able to dance," said Seyfried. "I think its going to be interesting to see, if people are shy, or dancing thru the whole thing."

"Mamma Mia" has earned about $120 million in the U.S since its release in mid-July.

On Friday September 29, fans will get the chance to really sing the praises of "Mamma Mia."

At select theaters throughout the Southland, fans will be encouraged to watch, enjoy and sing out loud along with the film.

Click here for a complete list of "Mamma Mia" sing-a-long theaters.


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