O.C. city considers ban on home colors

LA PALMA, Calif. If the law is adopted, La Palma would become the only city in Orange County to restrict home colors. La Palma resident Adnan was inspired to paint his La Palma home vibrant gold and red after a vacation last year. His home is a stark contrast to the beige and brown homes around him.

"This is a free country and that's why we chose this color. We think it's very lovely. Some people don't like it. And, this is paint we like and that's why we painted," said Adnan.

Home color has recently become an issue in the small city of La Palma.

"A few months ago, a few citizens came to our city council meeting and were concerned about a dozen or so houses in the community that were maybe a little brighter in color," said Christine Barnes, La Palma Mayor Pro Tem.

At a public forum, residents were asked if the city should adopt an ordinance that offers homeowners a range of colors to choose from when repainting.

"Three to one the residents were not in favor of instituting any ordinances or regulations restricting color," said Barnes.

"My favorite color is yellow. So, I colored my house yellow and it didn't bother my neighbor...it didn't do harm to anybody," said Normeteh Carraon, a La Palma resident.

Other residents say a homeowner should consult others first.

"Talk to your neighbor. Talk to your neighbor and see what they've got to say ... If they like what you're going to do," said Leo Gauthier, another La Palma resident.

Adnan says his neighbors never complained to him about the color of his house.

"If the law is approved, it would not affect homes already painted. It would only apply to those where the resident wants to repaint their house," said Adnan.

City staff are now studying the issue. They expect to report to the La Palma City Council in a couple of months.


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