McCain tries to steal back spotlight

John McCain tries to steal back the spotlight after Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

Republican John McCain will hold a rally on Friday in the battleground state of Ohio.

The McCain camp was quick to respond to Barack Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday. They say it was "fundamentally flawed and that Barack Obama is still not ready to be President of the United States."

McCain may be aiming to take back the political spotlight. In less than 12 hours he will announce his running mate at a rally in Ohio.

The Democrats sharpened their attack against John McCain in Denver on Thursday, but the Arizona Senator took a mellower message to the airwaves. McCain put out a congratulatory ad, which aired Thursday on national cable and battleground states.

McCain arrived in Dayton on Thursday, where he will name his running mate. The campaign has kept his choice a secret and the top contenders aren't talking.

"Obviously this is Senator McCain's decision and his announcement. And, we all want to be respectful of his desire to have a chance to announce it himself," said Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-Minnesota).

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has suddenly become one of the leading contenders. On Thursday he cancelled a number of interviews in Denver and abruptly returned to Minnesota.

Meanwhile, there are reports of a new security detail for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The former CEO and former McCain rival has a strong economic background, which is an area where McCain is admittedly weaker. Romney has already been playing the vice-president role. He has been singing McCain's praises while slamming Barack Obama.

"Barack Obama would raise taxes. He would also cut back with trade with foreign nations," said Romney.

All eyes are also on McCain's close friend, and former Democrat, Joseph Lieberman. Former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge has also grabbed some attention. Both choices could help McCain win independent voters. However, their stand supporting abortion rights could hurt him with the conservative wing of the party.

Romney was in Los Angeles and Orange County on Thursday meeting with donors. He declined to comment.


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