Elderly man lost thousands in scam

WHITTIER, Calif. Rodolfo Casillas admits he is too trusting. Sometimes, he says, that gets him in trouble. Just this week he tried to help someone and, instead, he lost $11,000.

Casillas says a man and a woman approached him. He says the woman claimed she had a winning lottery ticket worth $500,000. However, she needed help cashing it. So, she asked him if he would put up some money.

Casillas went to a Wells Fargo branch and withdrew $6,300, which was nearly all the money he had. The couple told him it wasn't enough, so he went to a Bank of America branch and took out a $5,000 loan at 17 percent interest.

"Thank goodness the Bank of America only ... He wanted a $10,000 loan. But, they only gave him $5,000," said Veronica Casillas, the scam-victim's daughter.

Casillas says at each bank, the suspects would not go inside. Perhaps they didn't want to be caught by surveillance cameras. Instead, they stayed in their car along the street.

Casillas says when he came out of the bank, the man put the money in a bag. The man then told Casillas he they had one more errand to run.

The suspects said they needed stamps, so they brought the Casillas to the Whittier Post Office. Casillas went in to buy the stamps, but when he came out, they were gone. His money was gone too.

It's similar to a scam which occurred two weeks. A 60-year-old woman was conned out of $19,000. The suspects allegedly told her they needed help to cash a lottery ticket.

Police don't think the cases are related.

"The woman that did this, did the sympathy. So, I think that's it. He just felt sorry for her," said Veronica Casillas.

Casillas says he hasn't lost faith in people, but he will be more careful.


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