Hydrate by 'eating your water'

A breakfast of Greek yogurt with jam, a piece of toast and a hard-boiled egg provides over a cup of fluid.

At lunch, a turkey wrap with lettuce and tomato contains a half-cup of fluid. Combine the wrap with a fruit salad containing watermelon, pear, grapes and cucumber. That combination will have your lunch totaling more than a cup of fluid.

Have an afternoon snack of cottage cheese with grapes and you'll take in another half-cup.

Dinner with salmon on wilted greens with brown rice and snow peas offers two cups and an ounce more fluid.

Remember vegetables retain most of their water when they are cooked. In addition, fruit is bursting with fluid-rich goodness. So the more produce you eat, the more water you will get.

So without drinking a thing you can take in over five cups of fluid.

Most likely you'll have water, coffee and juice to add to your day. However, you can also eat your water without feeling guilty you haven't downed all eight of those 8-ounce glasses of water.


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