Unique approach to help hearing loss

Nobody likes to hear a dental drill, but for orthodontist Farel Rosenberg the sound rings forever in his ears.

"The high wind noise of the dental drill, no one knew," said Rosenberg.

Ear ringing or tinnitus is often a sign of hearing loss. Farel went to several doctors, nothing worked. He decided to give these hearing supplements a try.

'We know today scientifically that hearing loss can occur in the brain. So EarAid provides nutrition for those areas of the brain that have to do with hearing loss," said otolaryngologist Dr. Murray Grossan.

Prevention is the best course, because hearing loss is permanent, but Dr. Grossan says research suggests a unique blend of ingredients including L-Carnitine, CoQ10 and selenium can help protect what you have left.

"We put 16 products that we know help the ear together. In my experience they support each other and get a much better result than one pill alone," said Dr. Grossan.

Military studies show the sooner you take these supplements after being exposed to loud noise the better it is for your hearing.

In one study, Israeli researchers gave a similar blend to soldiers following bomb blasts and gunfire.

"And they do get their hearing back and compared to those who don't. So the military has worked on that and has done a lot of good work there," said Dr. Grossan.

Experts at the House Ear Institute say while it might help some patients, rigorous clinical trials are needed before EarAid can be deemed safe and effective for everyone.

Farel Rosenberg says it's the first relief he's had from ear ringing in years.

"It's much better since taking EarAid than it was before," said Rosenberg.

A bottle of EarAid runs about $35 for a months supply. Dr. Grossan says it's best for tinnitus associated with diabetes, hypertension or thyroid illness.


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