Gustav relief from Los Angeles

WILMINGTON, Calif. A Wilmington warehouse serves as the first stop for donations that will ultimately be distributed along the Gulf Coast.

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Operation USA has been providing disaster relief for nearly 30 years. And this week is preparing to send aid to thousands of Gustav evacuees.

"Our goal is to basically get the right supplies to the right people without causing a traffic jam of - a logistical traffic jam," said Jason Cuomo, Operation USA.

The supplies will be Operation USA's first post-Gustav shipment to the Gulf Coast. They supplied trauma-related items in the week leading up to Gustav. However, now that the worst of the storm is over, needs are changing.

"We're anticipating that some of the items now will be more maintenance items as the people in shelters will have to stay longer than expected. We're looking at 24 to 72 hours now in the shelters," said Cuomo.

Operation USA first donated to the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina three years ago. The group has had an active program there ever since.

Organizers say lending this helping hand is the least they can do at the moment. They say they hope others will continue to contribute to their cause.

"It's obviously very sad and upsetting to see that, to see what goes on down there. But, the people down there are incredibly resilient. So it's ultimately uplifting to see them basically stand so strong in the face of these catastrophes," said Cuomo.

Operation USA plans to send more relief to the Gulf Coast. They say they can always use the public's help.


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