'Cool Kid' Crystal Milner helps educate

POMONA, Calif. Crystal Milner is a cool kid who has won awards in a wide variety of pursuits. One of those projects was the Reach Program at the University of La Verne. That's where she led students as they learned about the world of industry.

"We came up with a business plan. We had to figure out where it was, how much it was going to cost, employees for a year. And then we had field trips during the time," said Crystal.

In addition to helping her peers, Crystal has found that she has a talent for teaching much younger minds. She also volunteers at her church.

"I think I can sometimes connect with them. It's just fun to be around them," said Crystal.

With the small ones, Crystal has a different motivation to help.

"There's always going to be like more - I guess you could say - to do with younger kids as far as the learning activities and how you teach them. And they're younger, so they need to know and learn a lot more," said Crystal.

Crystal gets great satisfaction when she helps educate. That feeling will fit perfectly with her possible teaching career.

"It's pretty exciting. I like to know I helped someone learn or maybe understand something better," said Crystal.

Whether a career in commerce or curriculum, Crystal has success ahead of her. She is our "Cool Kid."


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