Carson seeks sex offender 'cluster' ban

CARSON, Calif. The Carson City Council unanimously passed an urgency ordinance to allow only one sex offender per dwelling. "Jessica's Law," which was passed in 2006, allows up to 12 sex offenders to live in one dwelling at least 2,000 feet from parks and schools. However, community members say that is too close to their homes.

Sergio and Reina Larranaga bring their children to Dominguez Park, which is a centerpiece of their community. The park rests on the edge of Carson and Long Beach. However, less than a mile away, on Harrison Street, sits a duplex occupied by 12 sex offenders.

"Don't come into the neighborhood. Don't shop here, don't walk through here, don't catch the bus right here ... catch it somewhere else," said Sergio.

The duplex on Harrison Street and the Carson Plaza Hotel, near the 91 Freeway, are two locations in town where sex offenders are living in what Carson's mayor calls "clusters."

"If you cluster them, then the likelihood increases six-fold or ten-fold or a-hundred-fold that an incident will occur," said Carson Mayor Jim Dear.

Thanks to the new urgency ordinance, those living in clusters will have six months to move.

"They have six men in a little, tiny house and then in a little, tiny house behind that, another six men. One restroom for six adults? I mean, obviously it's a money-making endeavor and it's not going to come at the cost of this community," said Mayor Dear.

In the meantime, the Larranagas are making their community aware of who is living in the neighborhood. They are also urging other parents to make sure they talk to their children about strangers.

"Know where your kids are going, know whose houses they're going to and who's going to be there. And, just get all the awareness out there and our community can get closer and stronger," said Reina Larranaga.

Gardena and Long Beach have similar ordinances.

Long Beach has not implemented its law due to some legal issues.

The State Department of Corrections says they look forward to working with local governments to limit the number of sex offenders coming into these communities.


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