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'Get the Job' pt. 7: Temporary jobs

September 5, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
The nation's unemployment rate zoomed to 6.1 percent last month, a five-year high. While many are looking for a full-time job, a temporary position may lead to a permanent post. In addition, it's getting you a paycheck and benefits while you wait for that full-time position.Olivia Facio works for a computer storage firm in downtown Los Angeles. Olivia has been there for a while, but she is actually a temporary employee. She figures it is a better alternative to being out of work.

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"It's very stressful when you don't have work. And, you know, it's just ... going on interviews and trying to find where your next source of income is going to come. So a permanent job would definitely be the ultimate goal," said Facio.

Olivia's ultimate goal is to be hired permanently, which her boss says just might happen.

"We wanted to see if we could get someone on a temporary basis and turn out to see if they would be a permanent employee. Because if their sales are doing good, we want to keep them," said employer John Wagner.

Melanie Holmes is a vice president with Manpower, an employment services company that specializes in temporary workers. She says in this tough marketplace, temporary employment makes sense.

"We offer free training to all of our temporary employees. So we give them the opportunity to enhance their skills through training to make them more marketable," said Holmes. "In addition, when people get experience on the job, they're going to be able to earn more and get a better job the next time."

With this economy, unemployed workers are finding it takes longer to nail down a job. Temporary work means there will at least be a regular paycheck.

"Yeah, I get a check every week. So it works out good. They give me direct deposit also. And we have benefits," said Facio.

As Facio said, you are able to get benefits while working a temporary job.

"We offer paid vacation, we offer medical and we're pretty unique in the temporary help space in offering benefits to our temporary employees," said Holmes.

Some temporary employment firms, like Manpower, offer free training to help with resume writing, interviewing and new skills.


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