North Hollywood school part of the RNC?

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Instead of a well-known military facility, the picture behind McCain showed a school in North Hollywood.

On Thursday night, the state was set, the stands were packed and John McCain was delivering what could be the most important speech of his life.

Behind him were beautifully photographed images; including what should have been Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland. The hospital is where troops go for treatment.

However, the picture that came up was Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood.

The assumption on Friday was that the picture must have been a mistake. There really seems to be no reason for the McCain folks to feature a school in North Hollywood.

"Obama's the man around these here parts," said one North Hollywood resident.

Walter Reed Medical Center would make much more sense. However, some are wondering if we just missed out on the middle school's meaning.

With the McCain camp not talking about the possible blunder, it's now just about anyone's guess.

The Republicans spent a lot of time mocking the set behind Barack Obama's speech.

"... and those Styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot," said Governor Sarah Palin, Republican vice presidential nominee.

However, while the Republicans are staying mum, the Democrats are not.

"Somebody in his campaign - I think probably quite a few of them - don't understand the difference between the place where we send our nation's fallen heroes and the place where I send my little girls to junior high," said John Heaner, California Democratic Party.

There was considerably less indignation from the Los Angeles Unified School Board.

"Some free publicity for one of our great middle schools is always important," said Tamar Galatzan, L.A. Unified School Board.

"I guess they needed to do their homework," said Mike Martineau, while at Walter Reed Middle School.

Some might say it's ironic the mistake ended up involving a school, because not doing your homework holds some serious repercussions.

"You get a couple of mornings ... then you get detention," said Alina Nazarenko, 6th grade.


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