Lawsuit may delay Clean Trucks program

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES Arguments get underway on Monday in federal court in downtown L.A.

The American Trucking Association wants a preliminary injunction on the Clean Trucks program, saying it is unfair because it favors large trucking companies over smaller independent contractors.

Under the program, trucks built before 1989 would be banned beginning October 1.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stands behind the program, saying toxic emissions produced by older trucks threaten the lives of threatens of L.A. residents every year. The state adds that it has linked thousands of deaths annually to pollutants emitted in the transport of goods in Los Angeles.

The truckers' association plan to argue that the ban violates a federal law that prohibits local and state government from enforcing a requirement related to a router service of any motor carrier.

Truckers are also worried the ban would create concession plans that would squeeze out a lot of existing motor carriers and independent owner operators, but the city maintains this is about improving air quality.

A U.S. District judge will listen to both sides at noon.


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