Homeless man shooting caught on tape

INGLEWOOD, Calif. Council members discussed the incident and three other officer-involved shootings in the past four months during a closed door session Tuesday night.

Residents lined up to give city leaders an earful, concerned about the recent shootings.

"When do we take up arms, when do we get mad, when do we stay angry, when do we stop asking them to help, when do we take it into our own hands," said one resident.

Residents said they felt the shootings and the use of force are questionable.

The latest shooting happened August 31, when more than a half dozen officers confronted a homeless man on the street. They shot 47 bullets at a man who had a toy plastic gun.

Police dashboard cameras caught the shooting on tape. The video is being reviewed, but there's no word if it will be made public.

All the shootings are under investigation.

Residents want city leaders to take action now.

"There are many, many great officers in the city of Inglewood. I know many of them, and I've worked with many of them. However, the concerns are with those who are combative, those who are obviously defensive, and those who are obviously dangerous to our communities," said another resident.

City leaders are suggesting that the police force look at their training methods and other processes that could help prevent future officer-involved shootings, but not much more than that was said during Tuesday night's meeting.


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