'Cool Kid' Sharnae Lewis guides students

WEST COVINA, Calif. At West Covina High School, "Cool Kid" Sharnae Lewis coaches the Step Squad, but she is out there to do much more than help them learn a routine.

"I'm trying to teach them not to take the easy road out. Because I feel like a lot of people have taught me not to do that. And I think that's why I'm where I am today. I don't like to take the easy road out. I like sticking with it and making sure I get it and understand it," says Sharnae.

In addition to this group, Sharnae finds time to help individual students who might have a hard time with high school. On particular student was having a tough time in his sophomore year. She stepped in and now sees a great improvement.

"Now he goes to class, he's making A's and B's. He's on the football team starting. I really like to motivate kids and I feel I did that with him," says Sharnae.

Outside of West Covina High, Sharnae raises money to send financially challenged students on tours of prospective colleges.

"I know there's that one kid who wants to go to North Carolina. So when I get 20, 25 dollars, I found that's going to help them in the long run," Sharnae says.

For all the things she does, Sharnae has one thought in mind.

"If I was in that position and I needed something, I would want someone else to help me. I just want to be that person that somebody else needs," says Sharnae.

Teaching the steps needed to improve a student's life now and in the future. She is our Cool Kid, Sharnae Lewis.


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