Bear 'kicks it' in Glendora neighborhood

GLENDORA, Calif. A California black bear visited the front yard of a foothill home on Thursday. However, on this visit, it may have picked up the nickname "Beckham." It entertained Eyewitness News viewers with its soccer skills. Steven Taylor and his family arrived at their home Thursday evening to find a 200-pound bear playing soccer in their front yard.

"We were on our way home from soccer today, and we pulled up ... and the bear was along our driveway and it ran up a tree. And, stayed up there for about an hour and then it came back down and played with the soccer ball," said Taylor.

Not only did it play with the soccer ball, the bear punctured it.

This was not the first time bears have wandered onto this family's property.

"There's three different bears that have been in and out of here over the last couple of years. But, this guy, he's got special markings on him. He's been around quite a bit ... Just about every night this week," said Taylor.

Taylor's daughter says she ran into the same bear earlier this week.

"I was just standing by the gate and I heard crackling of the leaves behind me. And I turn around and he's just standing there and he starts walking toward me," said Alyssa Taylor.

She was able to get away and so did the bear. It wandered back up into the woods Thursday, but probably not for long.


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