'Healthy' foods that are fooling you

If you look at the nutrition facts on the ingredient list, you'll see what you're really getting.

Here are seven foods that are fooling you.

Pretzels are a low-fat choice, but they're usually made with refined white flour and offer little in the way of anything but carbohydrates. A 15-ounce bag of pretzels is the equivalent of 24 slices of white bread.

Many experts go crazy over water packed with vitamins and extras, including calories. One bottle of Vitamin Water is 125 calories. A vitamin supplement and a glass of water is cheaper in cash and calories.

While there are blueberries in a blueberry scone, there's not enough fruit to constitute a serving. The fat and calories far exceed the calories, so try berries over cereal or oatmeal instead.

A spinach-wrapped sandwich might insinuate vegetables in your lunch, but the ingredient list reveals just 2 percent spinach powder and a 210 calorie tortilla. Try a cup of fresh spinach for a mere 35 calories in a high-fiber tortilla.

Those with diabetes or sugar issues might like sugar-free candies, but they're by no means healthy just because they lack sugar. They often contain just as many calories as the no sugar kind.

When hiking, trail mix is often suggested -- it's chock full of nuts and dry fruits and provides long-lasting energy. But three tablespoons of trail mix has 150 calories and 8 fat grams. Unless you've got self control, portion a quarter-cup in a baggie or leave it behind.

Finally, don't' be compelled to buy reduced fat peanut butter. If you check it against the real deal, you'll see they both have the same number of calories, only what's missing is the heart-healthy mono and saturated fat and replaced with some sort of carbohydrate filler. It's best to choose the real deal and stick to the right serving size.


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