ABC7 Southland Blood Drive

LOS ANGELES To support the victims, ABC7, KLOS, KABC Radio, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the American Red Cross organized blood drives throughout Southern California on Wednesday, Sept. 17. Eyewitness News would like to thank all those that participated.

Click here for a complete list of blood donation sites.

Officials say Southern California's blood supply has been depleted because of the train disaster -- and that donors of all types are needed to help replenish it.

Four-hundred units of blood were needed to take care of the train-crash victims. Four-hundred-sixteen pints of blood have been collected at the four locations Eyewitness News has featured. The Red Cross predicts that because of the additional publicity, sites around Southern California are predicted to have gathered at least 1,300 units, and perhaps as much as 1,500 units. That's a 30-percent increase over what the Red Cross normally does.

Eligible donors are asked to schedule an appointment to donate by calling 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or by visiting Southern California Red Cross

Operators are taking calls at (800) GIVE-LIFE from anyone interested in donating blood. Operators will be taking calls for appointments Wednesday and all day Thursday.

Click here for a list of donation centers.

Any person 17 years or older -- 16 if accompanied by a parent -- and weighing at least 110 pounds and has a driver's license, Red Cross donor card or other picture ID, is eligible to donate blood.


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