Help in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike

NASSAU BAY, Texas Volunteers were working around the clock to deliver emergency supplies to those in need near Nassau Bay, Texas.

Nassau Bay was one of the hardest hit areas. The eye of the hurricane came through the area over the weekend.

In Houston, there are millions of people who need the essentials to survive. So the government and volunteers are responding.

The relief trucks were in the Houston area on Monday in a massive effort to get food, water and ice to people who have no power.

"It means a lot. I have some food, water and ice is the most important thing. I have food. But, if the lights don't come on, then I'm not going to have no food," said Mildred Jackson, Houston resident.

FEMA is setting up PODs, or Points of Distribution, all over the city of Houston. It is a massive operation to move tons of cargo every hour.

"This is easier than Katrina. It really is. Katrina was a very ... a disaster ... because we didn't have nowhere to go, they didn't give us the information that we needed to get out of town or anything. But, this is here, this is a different thing," said Dornise Rumley, a volunteer.

Giovanni Bermudez waited three hours in line with his two daughters. He hopes this doesn't go on too long.

"A week, no problem; two weeks, we'll start to worry; three weeks, we'll be in trouble," said Bermudez.

Everyone is pitching in to help, but the hardest little worker was 9-year-old Maitriss Shaw. She wanted to be with her dad, determined to do what she could.

"Today is my birthday and I'm happy," said Maitriss. "I'm trying to feed the people."

"The people are here, they need help and assistance. And we're just glad and we're blessed to be in a position to be able to help these individuals," said Ariss Shaw, Maitriss's father and volunteer. "I got the greatest daughter in the world."


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