Cool down your car on those hot days

LOS ANGELES Your car's air conditioning system is often taken for granted, but if it fails during a heat wave you'll sure miss it.

"In December, they'll have cool air ... satisfied. As soon as it gets 85, 90, 95 ... now they don't have any cool air at all. And now they wonder why," said Frank Romagnino, Salerno Auto Air.

Places like Salerno Auto Air in Burbank get swamped as soon as the temperature climbs. They recommend keeping tabs on your air conditioner throughout the year.

"I've been in this business since '78 and I still can't figure it out, why you'd want to wait to fix your air conditioning until it gets hot," said Romagnino.

Assuming your air conditioning is working correctly, there is a new way to let it keep you cool.

Viper Alarm Systems has a small remote lets you start cooling your car off from up to 2,000 feet away.

"It allows you to start your car by remote control by hitting a button on your key fob," said Ken Gammage, Viper Alarm Systems, who also says you can install the feature in just about any car.

We keep hearing tips that you shouldn't let your engine idle too much because it uses gas. However, the company that makes the remote control cooling system says it doesn't use that much gas if you idle the engine for a few minutes before getting in the car. And when you do get in you'll be a lot more comfortable.

The system costs just under $500, plus typically another $100 for installation. There are people who feel that staying cool is worth the price.

Many drivers don't seem to want to spend the money to get their air-conditioning systems working properly until we get a big heat wave.

"As soon as it gets hot, it's just, 'I can't take it, I've got to fix it.' They find the money someplace," said Romagnino.

Comfort, it seems, comes at a cost.


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