Key recordings questioned in O.J. trial

LAS VEGAS "When you contacted Mr. Riccio what was his demeanor? How did he seem to you?" asked Prosecutor Chris Owens.

"He seemed frustrated. At the time that I contacted him he was interested in telling me a long drawn out story. However at that time I just didn't have time. I just needed what was going on. He talks very fast and he talks very loud. Again there were specific things I was looking for and he was not following the direction of my interview," said Las Vegas Metro Police Detective Andy Caldwell.

That interview took place moments after Simpson and four men allegedly busted into the Palace Station hotel room, robbed Bruce Fromong and took off with sports memorabilia worth thousands.

Still during the interview the detective says he didn't know whether to believe Riccio. He says he even thought about arresting him at one point.

Later when he saw surveillance video of O.J. Simpson and the other men he says he started to buy his story. But his frustration boiled over once again as soon as he found out that there were audio recordings of the whole incident. But Ricco had sold them to the Website

"What was your thought and action at that point in time," asked Owens.

"I was a little bit frustrated. A detective called Tom Riccio and we were able to figure out based on what we had heard and seen on TMZ, that Tom Ricco had sold the audio. We contacted Tom Riccio and he put us in contact with his partner Jeff Woolf who then mailed us a disk containing six files," said Det. Caldwell.

He speculates the reason Riccio released it first was because eventually it would of been sealed as evidence.

We will find out more from Thomas Riccio soon because he is listed as a witness for the prosecution.


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