'Cool Kid' Andy Arriaga motivates youth

LANCASTER, Calif. In some parts of the world, the simple things of youth are not so simple to get. Teaming with Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network, our Cool Kid Andy Arriaga is working to change that.

"The 'O Ambassadors' -- We raise money, do activities throughout the year, buy books, bought food, whatever they need. Not just Africa, but India, China, Ecuador and Mexico," says Andy.

Coming from a household of eight children and a single mother, Andy early in life learned the lesson of giving.

"The way I grew up and had a great childhood ... and I want another child to have a better life and better things. I got my inspiration from my mom. She likes to help people," says Andy.

As one of the founding members of the "O Ambassadors Club," Andy shows qualities that inspire others.

"He's a good motivator. He doesn't mind standing up for what's right and he'll tell the other kids. If they're wrong, he'll tell them. He motivates them to do good things," says club advisor Katrina Onyekwelu.

Even with all that he has already accomplished, Andy wants to keep moving forward.

"Be more creative, find more ways we can help kids out around the country, get people more involved," says Andy.

Motivating young people here and helping young people around the world, he is our Cool Kid, Andy Arriaga.


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