Key figure in O.J. case testifies

LAS VEGAS "And I never wanted at any time wanted gun in my room. I am anti-guns. I do not believe anybody should have a gun," said memorabilia broker Thomas Riccio.

Riccio says he is the one who set up the "so-called" sting operation at the Palace Station Hotel.

"This is overkill, big time overkill. They did not need to do it this way. They did not need to bring as many people as they did. They certainly did not need to bring guns. They were giving the stuff back before the guns came out," said Riccio.

And things got a little out of control inside the courtroom Friday, when Riccio started talking about whether Simpson was only after his personal belongings or if he took some other stuff as well.

"Again the stuff that was not his he made it clear, 'If there something that is not mine -- I only want my stuff,' he said. 'Stuff that is not mine you will get back,'"said Riccio.

Simpson's lawyer, Yale Galanter quickly objected.

Eyewitness News reporter Rob McMillan spoke with Tom Riccio outside the courtroom Friday: "Do you thing O.J. Simpson is innocent?"

"I have said all the way from the beginning -- everybody says I am a prosecution witness -- and I told the prosecution I don't want to be labeled a witness for anybody, I'll tell the truth," said Riccio.

Riccio is also in the process of promoting his new book.

"What do you say to folks who say that you are only in this for the money?" asked Rob McMillan.

"You know what? I am in it only for the money, but I am hear as a witness. I got involved in this, but everything else that is what I do for a living," said Riccio.

In one of the recordings played Simpson is heard saying he did not know anything about the guns. And in another recording Riccio is heard saying that he thought the police were going to be involved and was surprised when that did not happen.

The defense is expected to cross-examine Riccio on Monday.


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