Living swanky with green design in mind

The hybrid housing project at "12 at Elden" in Costa Mesa is where most of interior designer Steve Jones' signature look is from recycled or reused material.

"One of our mottos is: Act locally, think globally. Whenever possible we've tried to support local vendors and local merchants, and what that does is it supports this aspect of community," Jones said.

ABC7's Jane Monreal and Steve Jones did exactly that when they ventured along Abbot Kinney in Venice, where they could park just once and shop several places. Jones has one tip while shopping.

"I just want everyone to have a theme in mind. So what we've got for our development down in Costa Mesa, the '12 at Elden' project, we went after, we're calling it 'coastal modern,'" Jones said, as he found a great example of something that can be used inside of the home.

Jones picked up a painting for $50. The duo also found an idea for re-purposing old wine glasses into light fixtures.

"That, for us, is an aspect of being green. Taking something you already have and using it for something else," Jones said.

Shopping locally is one way to lighten up your carbon footprint. When it comes to acting globally, there are just three easy basics to remember.

"I have, what's called 'ABC' in terms of being green in your decorating," said Steve. "So for 'A,' will it age well? 'B,' does it belong? I've been guilty of this. I buy something on impulse. I bring it home and look around and this doesn't even belong in my place. And 'C,' what will it do for the children? Really, the whole green movement is for the future generations."


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