Sex offender on PCC football team?

PASADENA, Calif. The head football coach at Pasadena City College is on paid administrative leave, accused of allowing the sex offender to join the team.

The move came after the player was arrested on-campus for an incident involving his girlfriend.

Go to the Megan's Law Web site and you can see a photo of Darryl Stephens. He is a registered sex offender who served time for assault with intent to commit rape.

Until a few weeks ago, Stephens was a student and a football player at Pasadena City College.

"That was very shocking. I didn't know there was a sex offender on campus here. That's kind of creepy to find out that that there's somebody walking around here on campus next to us that could possibly be a sex offender. That's just wrong," said PCC student Kelsy Rivadeneyra.

Stephens was arrested on campus on Sept. 2 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Police say he grabbed the woman in a headlock and punched her three times. The school found out about his past following the incident.

Stephens was a on the football team. The coach allegedly knew about Stephens' past, but didn't tell anyone. Such silence could be a violation of school policy.

School officials didn't have much to say about Stephens or the coach.

"There is a third-party investigation," said PCC Interim Athletic Director Beverly Tate. "We're looking at college policies and the following of college policies and procedures."

The coach, 48-year-old Kenny Lawler, was placed on administrative leave while PCC conducts an investigation. The school says it does not condone recruiting players who have a record of sexual offenses.

Students who spoke to Eyewitness News were surprised about the situation.

"Of course it matters because you have students around here, you have people walking around here going to class. You might never know what he could do to other people. So it's kind of dangerous for him to walk around," said Terrell Jones, a PCC student.

Stephens is in custody. He is held without bail.


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