Sarah Palin scheduled to campaign in OC

ANAHEIM, Calif. This may be called Orange County, but historically, it's "red." Friendly territory for Republican vice-presidential candidate /*Sarah Palin*/. Party officials say Palin is slated to stump here October 4. And some Orange County Republicans say the crowds could approach those Ronald Reagan attracted when he was running back in 1984.

"Ten to 20,000 people," said OC Republican Julie Vandermost. "We expect a huge crowd to come see her, and people are just very, very excited."

Just how excited? Vandermost says it's to the point where potential crowds at the free rally would create logistical problems. Too many people want in.

"We have to deal with things like parking and access and moving people through an area. We'd like to have a nice secure area for her, with a good stage, obviously, so everyone has a very good experience," said Vandermost.

"It'll be great, she's quite a gal," said one Orange County resident. "I think a lot of her."

Responses like that are no surprise in Republican-rich Orange County, but not everyone here is sold on the Alaskan governor.

"I don't really have a reaction to it one way or another," said one Orange County driver.

"Whether she comes here or not, it makes no difference to me," said a diner in an Orange County restaurant.


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