'Cool Kid' Katelyn Beckmann shares nature

CAMARILLO, Calif. "We thought it was just the cows and lambs, goats and pigs. But, then as we got into it, we saw it could be rabbits, chickens and sewing and cooking and all different aspects," says Katelyn.

Katelyn is careful to gauge how deeply kids want to get involved.

"First, make sure they're interested in it, then we'll give them a chicken. We'll teach them how to take care of it ... housing, water, what they need food wise," says Katelyn.

Every once in a while, like the birds she raises, Katelyn will find one child to take under her wing.

"She was so nervous. She would barely talk. But now she is doing so great and she was over talking and just hung out for a little while. So it made me feel really good," says Katelyn.

Even with her many awards , watching her students develop gives Katelyn a different kind of winning feeling.

"Them coming with a huge chicken, walking around and just enjoying it. Or, them getting a ribbon and they're eyes getting huge, and your like, 'That's cool! And I helped do that,'" says Kateyln.

Opening young minds to the world of nature and creativity, she is our "Cool kid", Katelyn Beckmann.


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