Possible solutions for L.A. traffic woes

PASADENA, Calif. According to experts, Los Angeles has the most severe traffic congestion in the country, and it will only get worse, unless major improvements are made.

The Rand Corporation did a study to come up with suggestions to ease traffic, including adding freeway toll lanes and encouraging more workers to use mass transit to get cars off the freeway.

Rand came up with 10 primary strategies for fixing traffic in Los Angeles, and some of the suggestions are already in use. For example, the city uses one-way streets in downtown and synchronizes traffic signals.

Researchers are calling on the city and employees to promote ridesharing, telecommuting and flexible work schedules.

Another idea is to implement one-way travel on major ateries. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is pushing a plan to turn Olympic and Pico Boulevards on the west side into one-ways.

Other top suggestions from Rand include restricting curb parking on busy thoroughfares, creating a network of freeway toll lanes, creating a network of freeway toll lanes and offering deep discounts on transit passes.

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