Bronze statue stolen from Covina business

COVINA, Calif. It wasn't the rock that was the decoration in front of the building; it was the statue depicting a boy holding an American flag. It was stolen from in front of an office building in Covina, either last Friday night or early Saturday morning.

"It was mounted on to a very large rock, and they tied something, probably around the base of the statue, in order to physically pull it out, probably with a car or truck, and that would separate it from the rock," said Covina Police Lieutenant Pat Buchanan.

It's the second statue stolen from a McIntyre Real Estate company property in four months. They have similar statues in front of other properties in the area. The cost of each statue? Between $15,000 and $35,000, all made of bronze.

"We pride ourselves on family values and tributes to our armed forces, so we have statues around town that depict those themes," said Linda Logan, McIntyre Real Estate.

Police say the theft was for what thieves could get for the bronze at a metal recycler.

"At first I thought because they're so beautiful, somebody might take it and give it to their mother for a birthday gift or something, but it was a shame that after the first statue, that it was taken just for its scrap value, and they got somewhere like $198 or $200 for it," said Andrew McIntyre.

The Covina Police Department is asking for the public's help. If you have any information on the statue that was stolen from the rock, you are urged to contact the Covina P.D. at (626) 858-4466.

The first statue that was stolen was recovered. According to police, thieves took it to a recycler. It was the recycler who contacted police.


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